Third Time's A Charm: My Natural Hair Journey

You've got to find yourself first. Everything else'll follow.
Charles de Lint

While returning to natural, I found myself and loved what I discovered. It took three tries to get it right, but the third time's a charm right? Here is my story.

My natural journey began in 2008, but I lacked the support and knowledge needed to go against the grain. My family didn't approve and I felt alienated at work, so I caved in and went back to relaxers in the Fall of 2009. With relaxed hair, I gained instant approval. I remember the first social media pic that I posted and the reactions when people actually saw me after I got a relaxer again. Everyone loved it and I felt loved, but somewhere on the inside I knew that wasn't the me I wanted to be.





Relaxed hair days.

It took me 2 whole years plus focusing on my spiritual journey in order to figure out that being natural is who I am. I had an epiphany and in flowed the confidence to start again. In August 2011, I big chopped a 2nd time. I also dyed my hair. I felt liberated and I knew that it was a decision I needed to stick with, even if times got tough.


Big chop #2

The journey was not always easy, but I haven’t looked back. I was able to connect with others in the natural hair community during this time, so I had support when I needed it. When the color in my hair began to grow out, I loved it and when my hair got longer, I added more and more color.


6 months after big chop #2


14 months post big chop #2

Unfortunately, soon after I found how demanding dyed natural hair can be. I ended up with very damaged ends, so I went for big chop #3 in February of 2012. I was initially sad about it, but having healthy hair was more important than stylish hair.


Big chop #3
Fast forward to the present, and my hair is the best that it has ever been. I know my hair and the products that work for it. I'm proud, definitely not ashamed to rock this hair, and free to be this me. :)


10 months post big chop #3