Constance Cash Editor-In-Chief

Constance Cash is the founder of Team Natural, an inspirational platform for afro-textured hair, and the founding editor of The mission of Team Natural is to educate and empower individuals across the globe who either wear their hair naturally or who are embarking on natural hair journeys by focusing on natural hair care, beauty, and overall health and wellness. In various venues, Constance shares her passion for helping those who are transitioning to their natural roots, and provides inspiration for her followers throughout their journeys. Team Natural's current followings on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks include more than 350,000 naturals, and this number is continuously growing. When she is not planning events or providing hairpiration to naturalistas all over the world, you can find her spending quality time with her family.   

Jade Rice Facebook Group Manager

If you want something bad enough, you'll do the impossible to get it." This is a quote that Jada is living by. World renowned natural hair guru (in her own head as of now) was born, raised, and still lives in the richly soiled flats of the Mississippi delta. She enjoys reading, traveling, and of course learning new things about her mane. She has two daughters, Jasmine, and Jordyn who help keep her gray forming.

Regina Fields Facebook Group Admin

Regina Fields is a Mississippi Native who embraced her natural tresses 3 years ago. She is a Business Operations Manager professionally, and in her spare time, she enjoys trying new products and providing product reviews via her Instagram Page and Team Natural. She enjoys encouraging others prior to their big chop and continues to mentor them as they embrace their natural journey post big chop.