Understanding Porosity: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

By Tonya McKay

Porosity is the term used in the science of hair care to describe how easily water and other matter can diffuse back and forth through the cuticle layer and into or out of the cortex. Hair is much like a sponge, capable of absorbing water and other substances from the environment, and also susceptible to losing precious moisture and lipids to the environment. Maintaining an optimal balance of moisture in your hair preserves its suppleness, strength, and shine. This is especially important for those of us with curly hair, as it greatly influences the health and beauty of our tresses...

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LUSH Godiva Shampoo Bar

By Ebony Clark-Bomani

I recently revisited the Godiva Sensual Two-in-One Bar by LUSH, and I almost had a hair-gasm. It's one of their best shampoos for textured (or processed) hair, and it just so happened to be recommended by a natural woman that worked in the store. It's laced with shea butter, cocoa butter, camellia oil and jasmine. One of my favorite things about it is, it's VEGAN!... 

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